Immigration Solutions Tailored to Your Unique Needs
A Team of Astute Minded Immigration Lawyers and Migration Agents
Offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide
We are Experts in all Australian Visas

We are Experts in all Australian Visas

We work collaboratively to understand your migration issues and find the best solutions for you.

For individual visa applicants and their families our goal is to secure their ultimate dream of Australian Permanent Residence. Our clients include individuals and families, professionals and tradespeople, small, medium and large businesses in construction, health, mining and manufacturing.

Our Process

Our Process

At AHWC Immigration Law we have one of the largest teams of astute minded migration agents and immigration lawyers in Australia, all of whom are available to find the best solution to your unique migration needs.

We have a clearly defined process we go through with all our clients to find a solution to their migration needs.

With an enviable success rate, we strive to provide innovative best practice solutions for all your diverse individual and business migration needs. We pride ourselves in thinking “outside the box”, and finding solutions that others haven’t thought of.


Make an appointment

Your first step is to book an appointment, so that we can get a complete understanding of your personal situation. Your appointment can be face to face in Melbourne or Sydney, or via Skype or telephone.

Find the best pathway

Once we completely understanding your circumstances, our next step is to outline all the migration options available to you and assist you to choose the option which best suits your unique situation.

Process the application

Once we’ve chosen the best pathway, our next step is to prepare your application. One of our suitably experienced migration consultants will work with you to prepare and lodge a high quality, “decision ready” visa application on your behalf.

Secure the visa grant

Our most important step is to make sure your visa is granted. By lodging the highest quality “decision ready” application and liaising directly with the DIBP on your behalf through the application process, we secure the grant of your visa, stress free and as quickly as possible.
Meet our team

Meet our team


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Hi Alice. First of all,sorry if I am replying you just now. It's been a long and busy day! I discovered the news this morning through Keith!I am so glad and happy about it.I would like to express my immense gratitude to you for all that you have ...

A happy client indeed - Well done Alice! "Alice, Alice who the feck is Alice?" Only the best Applications Coordinator in Oz! We went from tourist visa to 457 to PR in less than two and a half years and did we plague you with messages emails and ...

To all the gang at AHWC Immigration Law, we cannot thank you enough for obtaining our 457 visas. It has been a tough road but a great ending. We are still in shock!. You have been exceptional all throughout the application process and were unbelievably ...

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