About Us

Formerly Australia Here We Come Migration,

     …. for over 10 years the team at AHWC Immigration Law have been dedicated to serving our clients by finding perfect migration solutions for them, enabling them to happily migrate to or remain in Australia.

We also assist employers who sponsor overseas workers and investors seeking to make Australia home.

When you engage AHWC, you get the most friendly, smart and strategic team of migration professionals on your side with over 40 years experience amongst them. We will ensure perfect solutions to your Australian migration needs, whether you need a visa yourself, want your partner to stay, want your parents to migrate to Australia, have overstayed your visa, are an investor, an employer, have had a visa refused, or have health or character issues. 

We are recognised by our clients for our expertise in Australian immigration (See what they say). As a full service immigration law firm, we take care of your application from the outset right through to the grant of your visa.

We pride ourselves on thinking outside the square and  we often come up with solutions others hadn’t thought of.

We also provide a full range of other immigration law services, including reviews of adverse decisions, character submissions, health waiver applications, appeal of citizenship refusals and we also assist employers prepare for and deal with DIBP monitoring requests and compliance issues.

While most of our clients are located in Australia, many are also spread around the world.

We are passionate about what we do and genuinely care about our clients. With one exception we are all immigrants ourselves who have gone through the process of applying for a visa to come to Australia. Consequently, we know what’s at stake and fully empathise with our clients.

Why not make an appointment with one of our migration agents or immigration lawyers so that we can discuss your particular issues with you.

Get AHWC Immigration Law in your corner – you won’t regret it!