Australian Election Updates

24 Apr



This week the ABC exposed the Australian University system for the cash cow it is – and how some universities have drastically reduces their standards, particularly in the area of English. The ABC also exposed the difficult financial plight and employer exploitation of student visa holders who were desperate to make ends meet by accepting dodgy employment from employers only too willing to underpay and overwork them.

The coalition, fresh from creating new regional visas as a pathway to permanent residence, flagged a fast rail link to Shepparton as part of this “populating regional Victoria plan”. How many other railways will it promise?

Labor has now outlined its migration policy, which it will implement if  Bill Shorten becomes our next Prime Minister.

Labor is proposing to:

  • up the TSMIT (Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold) to $65,000
  • “enhance” and enforce stricter labour market testing for TSS Visas
  • and, introduce enhanced skills assessment for skilled visas including TSS (Temporary Skills Shortage) Visas.
  • Further, labour agreements will only be entered into if the employer guarantees that jobs will be created for Australians as a result of the labour agreement.

Labor’s rationale is to stop the exploitation of foreign workers on 457/TSS visas, and enhance job opportunities for Australian citizens. Anecdotally however, the majority of exploited workers are either student visa holders or working holiday makers, not 457 or TSS visa holders.


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