New Opportunities for Subclass 482 Visa Holders for PR

09 Jul


The Australian Department of Home Affairs has promised significant changes to the subclass 482 visa program to promote fairness and accessibility. These changes will benefit both employers and foreign workers, providing more opportunities for permanent residency in Australia. As of the end of 2023, all subclass 482 visa holders, including those in short-term occupations, will be eligible to apply for permanent residency. Short-term visa holders will also be able to renew their visas without restrictions, and the employment period required for permanent residency will be reduced from three years to two. This article delves into the main policy updates and how they affect Australian employers.


Expanded Eligibility for Permanent Residency

In the past, subclass 482 visa holders working in short-term roles had restrictions when seeking permanent residency in Australia. Thankfully, the Department of Home Affairs now acknowledges the need for a more equitable solution and has extended this opportunity to all subclass 482 visa holders. With this change in place, employers can keep talented workers for extended periods, leading to stability and growth within their companies. Furthermore, this new rule will reduce the administrative load of visa applications for employers.


Reduced Employment Period for Permanent Residency

To further streamline the pathway to permanent residency, the Australian government will reduce the required employment period from three years to two for subclass 482 visa holders to access the Subclass 186 TRT Visa. This change recognises the valuable contributions made by skilled foreign workers and accelerates their access to PR. Employers can now provide clearer long-term prospects to their employees, fostering loyalty and commitment within the workforce.


Promoting Equitable Access to Permanent Residency

The overarching objective of these policy updates is to promote fairness and provide equitable access to permanent residency for subclass 482 visa holders. By removing barriers and expanding eligibility, the Australian government aims to attract and retain skilled workers who contribute to the country’s economic growth and cultural diversity. Employers will benefit from a more inclusive system that recognizes the value of foreign talent and facilitates their long-term integration into the Australian workforce.



The recent changes announced by the Australian Department of Home Affairs present exciting opportunities for employers and subclass 482 visa holders in Australia. By extending the eligibility for permanent residency to all visa holders, allowing indefinite visa renewals for current short-term occupations, and reducing the required employment period, the government is fostering a more equitable and supportive immigration system. These policy updates not only benefit employers by providing stability and access to a skilled workforce but also empower foreign workers by offering a clearer pathway to permanent residency.


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