408 Covid Visa Holders – Check Your “Must Not Arrive After” Date Before Leaving Australia

23 Nov



On your Subclass 408 Covid visa grant letter, you have a very important date  –  the “must not arrive after” date



The “must not arrive after date is the period that your visa will be in effect for travel and entry to Australia – in other words, if you do not enter Australia before the “Must not arrive after” date, your visa will cease to exist.


Please see the Subclass 408 visa grant letter extract below.





In the above extract of a Subclass 408 visa grant letter, the visa is valid until 6 October 2022 (i.e, 12 months after the grant date of 6 October 2021) BUT,  the “Must not arrive after” date is 13 October 2021.

If the visa holder  is  not inside Australia on the 13 October 2021, the visa has gone, finished, ceased to be, expired.

And, no, that cannot be reversed.

Please note that Subclass 408 Visa grant letters,  “Must not enter after” date is usually only a week after the visa grant date.


Holiday implications

If you have been granted a Subclass 408 Visa (and, to date only those in “critical industries” have been granted), PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE (!), ensure that you are in Australia on the “Must not arrive after” date if you intend to holiday offshore, because if you don’t, you won’t be able to travel back to Australia.

We know you’re desperate to see your family, and we know that the Subclass 408 visa is on the eligible visa list for unrestricted travel – but unless you’re sure of your “Must not enter after” date, your holiday might just end in tears. You will literally be up the creek without a paddle.

Given the visa grant date and the “Must not enter after” date are so close together,  overseas holiday travel for Subclass 408 Visa holders will be well nigh impossible.


Check whether your visa is “multiple ” entry too

Most subclass 408 visas are “multiple entry“, meaning that you can come and go as you please (as long as you don’t miss the “must not enter after” date) – but sone are “single entry. Please check your visa grant letter to find out what you have.



Remember: If you are not in Australia on your visa grant letter’s “must not enter after” date, your visa will disappear or cease and you won’t be able to return to Australia unless you’re granted another visa.


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