Helpful advice to speed up your US police checks

To be granted a visa for entry into Australia you must provide a police certificate from each country where you have lived for a total of 12 months or more in the last 10 years.

Applicants who are living in the US must submit a State police clearance from each State they have lived in during the past twelve and an FBI police certificate.

According to the Australian Embassy in the US, the applicant must also provide,

  •  court papers listing the outcomes and dispositions of any charges listed on the FBI clearance, US State police clearance, or other police certificates/clearances; and
  •  any document(s) associated with your arrest, time served and release documents; and
  •  a written statement from you detailing each arrest/offence/conviction. 

The Embassy also provides further helpful advice to US Citizens and permanent residents with respect to obtaining a FBI clearance quickly (which is great because in our experience it often takes up to 10 weeks if you apply yourself).

Obtaining a FBI clearance – US citizens and permanent residents

Apply directly to the FBI or to one of three department approved chanellers to obtain an Identity History Summary Check.

– National Credit Reporting

– National Background Check Inc

– Telos Identity Management Solutions

And For US temporary residents and visitors Obtaining a FBI clearance….

You must apply directly to the FBI to obtain an Identity History Summary Check.

And to Obtain a State Police Clearance…..

Apply to your relevant state police department. Ensure the clearance is requested for all names you have been known by.

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