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07 May


Massive thank you to Maggie and the team.
I have had a long journey getting my residency with negligence from previous immigration agents which lead to tribunals and other difficulties. But thankfully my journey was made a lot more pleasant and shorter when the team at AHWC took over my case. With their hard work and expertise I reached my destination as an Australian resident after 7.5 years. Kevin Corridor, March 2019 (Google Review)


Do you really really want to migrate to Australia, or stay here now that you’ve fallen in love with the place? Have you come to the realisation that you want to make Australia your home?


At the same time, do you feel uncertain and unsure about which visa is the best one for you, or even how to even go about the process of applying for a visa? Do you have a fear of inadvertently not providing or messing up some important requirement for the visa you have chosen to apply for and having your application refused?


Are you time poor and just don’t have the capacity to prepare your own application?


We’re here to guide you and take the stress and worry off you. We really know our stuff inside and out, backwards and forwards! We have enabled thousands of happy clients to call Australia home.


We are a full service Australian Immigration Law Firm  and  to get you started, we offer a migration consultation and assessment service for a nominal fee.


Sign up for one of our consultations and we will provide you with certainty, direction and a comprehensive plan to move to Australia or stay here.


Our goal for most of our clients is permanent residency followed by Australian citizenship – the ultimate golden ticket!


We have Australian migration strategies that most migration professional haven’t even thought of – and they work!


Because we offer consultations via Skype and telephone, as well as face to face in Sydney and Melbourne, we speak to clients all over the world. This week for example on one day, we spoke to clients in Zimbabwe, Azerbaijan and Canada!


How much does a consultation cost?


Our immigration consultations cost just $220, which is an inexpensive way to find your optimal migration pathway and all the information you need about which steps you can take to maximise your chances for visa success.


We believe and this is false economy, and silly , given the ever-changing nature of immigration law in Australia including constant changes in regulations and the department’s policy (of which there is in excess of 15,000 pages).


Think of this….. for $220.00 you’ll get a plan for your future success! What’s not to be excited about?


I only have a few questions, do you offer free consultations?


No, we don’t provide ”free” migration advice.


Despite what we consider to distinct  and obvious advantages to paying for a migration consultation, we are constantly surprised how many people still expect free migration advice.


Free advice is usually worth exactly what you paid for it – devoid of analytical complexity and dangerous.


As a matter of policy we don’t do free consultations or answer legal/migration questions from non-clients. We do this to protect ourselves and to protect you.





You will get bad advice. There’s no such this as a quick migration question. If a Registered Migration Agent or Immigration Lawyer gives you advice based on a “quick question”, it’s not based on the 100% of information we need from you to form a sound opinion about your best options to migrate to Australia.


Your “quick question” is actually considered to be legal representation. It’s legal work and attracts professional fees.


Your “quick question” never contains all the relevant facts that often muddle or skew a case. You cannot cover everything in your “quick question”, so you will be selective about your facts.


If you’re reluctant to pay for a comprehensive professional legal opinion, it’s unlikely you’ll want to engage us or pay our professional fees to put your migration plan into action.


Our time is valuable and our assessments are priceless to you. We have reached a level of knowledge and expertise that we are extremely proud of, and we carefully consider our clients’ migration plans and strategy.  We have a great deal of intellectual capital in what we do.


We are simply not in a position where we can afford (time wise) to prioritise free advice, because we are too busy working with our lovely paying clients, arranging their futures in Australia.


I’m sure you get it. Our client service is amazing  because of it. See our Google Reviews.


OK, I’ve paid for a consultation. What else do I get from a migration consultation with AHWC Immigration Law?


In a nutshell – a lot!

  • The most important thing that will happen to you is that your uncertainty about which Australian visa or migration pathway is the best one will evaporate.
  • Your unique circumstances will be examined and assessed, and all of the visa types that you may be eligible for will be discussed with you.
  • The best options for you to migrate to Australia will be laid out, including how you can maximise your chances to achieve a visa grant.
  • If you’re not currently eligible for e.g. permanent residence, a clear pathway will be outlined for you to achieve permanent residence including the strategic actions you need to take for success.
  • You will receive a comprehensive immigration masterplan outlining all the stages of your proposed visa application, including costs of the visa application, ancillary matters such as skills assessments if required, English tests, police checks, health examinations and our professional fees if you choose to engage us.
  • We’ll also explain our visa guarantee, which applies to certain visa applications if you engage us.
  • When you have a migration consultation with us you also come away with our exclusive tips and tricks, which may include:how to improve your English test results,
    • how to be successful in a skills assessment,
    • how to improve your Partner Visa evidence,
    • how to improve your SkillSelect points score
    • what to do if you have a criminal record
    • what to do if you (or your family) have health issues
  • If you have a complex matter such as a threat to cancel your visa, a court matter or Tribunal appeal, our immigration lawyers are here to advise on those matters as well.
  • Consulting an immigration lawyer also gives you added peace of mind, as the information you may provide to a lawyer is protected by legal professional privilege, meaning it is inaccessible to the authorities.
  • We also take the time to prepare comprehensive letters of advice after the migration consultation – you’ll come away with a written plan, which is effectively your future.


When you consult us, you know who you’re dealing with.


Our team comprises Registered Migration Agent and Immigration Lawyers who are also Registered Migration Agents. Collectively we have over 40 years’ experience in Australian Immigration Law, and we have lodged thousands of successful visa applications, Tribunal Appeals, Health and Character submissions, as well as assisting other Migration Agents and Law Firms with their migration needs.


Please note that only migration agents and immigration lawyers registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) have access to the department’s policy and procedures manual.


People portraying themselves to be migration agents who are not in fact registered, are not entitled to access to these documents which significantly reduces their knowledge base.


Unregistered individuals handing out migration advice are not entitled call themselves a Registered Migration Agent. It is also illegal for them to provide migration advice in Australia.


Keep in mind as well that if you use an unregistered” “migration agent” and something goes wrong (which it often will when using shonky operators who consider themselves to be unaccountable), you have no recourse to MARA or any hope of compensation from Professional Indemnity Insurers who only indemnify Registered Migration Agents, should a claim for compensation arise.


You also want to know how experienced your Migration Agent is, who they work for – and their Google ratings. Going for the cheapest will often end in tears, and NEVER be tempted by promises of sponsorship or employment  or setting up companies. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Why not have a chat with one our experts? We believe “if we can’t get you a visa, no one can!”. We may not be the only Immigration Law firm, but we are the best. See our Google reviews

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