Migration Update – Expected Post Election Changes

20 May

Post Election Migration Update

We continue to be surprised that we have the same Prime Minister this morning, as we did last week. Congratulations to the newly re-elected government and Prime Minister Scott Morrison.


What does this mean for Australian immigration?

Well, Minister Dutton won his seat, and we assume that he will remain Minister for Home Affairs – which means that immigration changes he mooted pre-election will now proceed.


Partner Visa changes

The partner  visa changes, which were scheduled for 17 April 2019, and which did not proceed at that time, will probably happen quite quickly.

The timeline for their commencement has not been announced, but we predict the changes will be implemented as soon as the dust  from the election settles and the regulation drafters have time to draw up the relevant legislation.

If you’re unsure what the partner visa changes are, check out our  updated blog article which comprehensively details the changes. You will find it here. The most important change is the new requirement for a separate Partner Sponsor application, which will increase costs and processing times.


Looking ahead Post Election –  1 July proposed changes will proceed.


Price Increases

The price increase scheduled for 1 July 2019 will proceed.  Visa application charges will increase by  5.4%, which will add quite a bit of cost to the more expensive visas . Partner Visas for example, which currently cost $7,160.00 are set to increase by $387.00.

All visas are affected except for the Subclass 600 Visitor Visa and all second instalment visa charges, such as second instalments for Contributory Parent visas.


Temporary Sponsored Parent Visas Commence

Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa applications will commence on 1 July 2019. 

Parent Sponsorship  applications for this visa type have been open since 17 April 2019, and we understand that 400 Parent Sponsor applications have already been lodged. There are only 15,000 Temporary Sponsored Parent Visas available. To refresh your knowledge about this visa type, read our comprehensive blog article here.


Occupation Quotas 2019-2020

Occupation quotas for  Subclass 189 Skilled Independent Visas and Subclass 489  Skilled Regional Visas will be reset on 1 July, and if you’re considering lodging an Expression of Interest (EOI) for one of these visas, you’d be wise to have your application lodged in time for the July Invitation Round, which is scheduled for 11 July 2019.

Whilst the government is reducing the number of permanent resident visas by 23,000 places in the next program year, there is a still a healthy allocation of 160,000 places.

Not sure whether you have sufficient points to lodge an EOI? Have a look at our SkillSelect Points Test Calculator here (but keep in mind the perils of adding up your own points – check out our warning post here).


Working Holiday Visa Changes

Working Holiday Makers (Subclass 417 and 462 Visas) – from 1 July  there will be an option to obtain a third year visa if certain work requirements are met during the second working holiday visa. Working holiday makers will be required to compete 6 months of “specified work” during their second working holiday visa, to qualify.


Other changes you should plan for:

Regional opportunities will grow as the government focusses on regional migration.

Students should consider study at a regional university – which may allow an extra year in Australia post study via a postgraduate Subclass 485 Visa.

New Regional Visas are being introduced in November 2019. Read all about them in our April Migration update which you will find here.



  1. Avoid the visa price increases – lodge your visa applications before 1 July.
  2. If you’re thinking about lodging a partner visa application, do it sooner rather than later to avoid both the new requirements and the price increases.
  3. Calculate your points and lodged your EOI before the July invitation round.
  4. If you’re a working holiday maker – start accruing your “specified” work to enable you to qualify for a third visa.
  5. Lodge your Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa application before the 15,000 places quota fills up.
  6. If you’re a student visa holder, start researching regional universities and the courses they offer.
  7. Start thinking regional to increase your chances of permanent residence.
  8. Book yourself a consultation, and let us explore all your opportunities! It’s easy, cheap and fun, and it doesn’t matter where in the world you are. We have you covered!

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