New Travel Exemptions For Eligible Visa Holders!

23 Nov


From 1 December 2021, fully vaccinated eligible visa holders can now travel to Australia without needing to apply for a travel exemption. Eligible visa holders are people who hold the following visas listed below:


• Subclass 200 – Refugee visa
• Subclass 201 – Incountry Special Humanitarian visa
• Subclass 202 – Global Special Humanitarian visa
• Subclass 203 – Emergency Rescue visa
• Subclass 204 – Woman at Risk visa
• Subclass 300 – Prospective Marriage visa
• Subclass 400 – Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) visa
• Subclass 403 – Temporary Work (International Relations) visa (+ streams, including Australian Agriculture Visa Stream)
• Subclass 407 – Training visa
• Subclass 408 – Temporary Activity visa
• Subclass 417 – Working Holiday visa
• Subclass 449 – Humanitarian Stay (Temporary) visa
• Subclass 457 – Temporary Work (Skilled) visa
• Subclass 461 – New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship visa
• Subclass 462 – Work and Holiday visa
• Subclass 476 – Skilled – Recognised Graduate visa
• Subclass 482 – Temporary Skill Shortage visa
• Subclass 485 – Temporary Graduate visa
• Subclass 489 – Skilled – Regional (Provisional) visa
• Subclass 491 – Skilled Work Regional (Provisional visa)
• Subclass 494 – Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) visa
• Subclass 500 – Student visa
• Subclass 580 – Student Guardian visa (closed to new applicants)
• Subclass 590 – Student Guardian visa
• Subclass 785 – Temporary Protection visa
• Subclass 790 – Safe Haven Enterprise visa
• Subclass 870 – Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa
• Subclass 988 – Maritime Crew visa


This is in addition to fully vaccinated Australian citizens, permanent residents and other exempt categories of travellers outlined on “Travel restrictions and exemptions” on the Department of Home Affairs website.


Click here to see the categories exempt from travel restrictions and here to find out more about individual exemptions.


Do I need a travel exemption to come to Australia?

If you are fully vaccinated and a substantive visa holder of a visa listed above, an Australian citizen, a permanent resident, or are deemed to be exempt, you do not require a travel exemption to travel to and from Australia.


Click here to be taken to the “travel restrictions and exemptions” Department of Home Affairs web page


PLEASE NOTE: Bridging visa holders, individuals holding a substantive visa not listed above, and individuals not in an exempt category, will still be required to apply for a travel exemption to travel to and from Australia.


How do I apply for a travel exemption?

You will need to apply for a travel exemption at least 2 weeks, but not more than 2 months prior to your expected travel. To support your application, you will need to provide information and supporting documents based on your individual circumstances to evidence claims in your request.


Click here to be taken to the Travel Exemption Application Portal


If you’d like assistance to lodge a travel exemption application, please contact us on +61 3 9573 5200 or email



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