Short Term TSS Visa Holders Can Now Apply for PR!

21 Mar


Exciting news for Short Term Subclass 482 TSS and former and current 457 Visa holders!

The opportunity to apply for permanent residence for all temporary sponsored workers in Australia during the pandemic is finally available.


Key dates: 1 February 2020 to 14 December 2021.


Newly released legislation allows sponsored workers with an occupation on the Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) to apply for a Subclass 186 Employer Nominated TRT (Temporary Residence Transition) pathway to permanent residence (PR) if they meet new requirements.

A person with an occupation on the STSOL has been entirely precluded from pursuing PR – until now.

If you’re a Short Term TSS visa holder (or an old 457 visa holder with an occupation on the STSOL), and you’ve been in Australia during COVID time (the key dates above), and want to apply for permanent residence, read on, it may be your lucky day!


There are three different opportunities:


I. Permanent Residence Pathway for Short Term 482 Visa holders

From 1 July 2022, you can apply for a Subclass 186 ENS Temporary Residence Transition (TRT) Stream Visa If you:

  • Were present in Australia for at least 12 months between 1 February 2020 and 14 December 2021, and,
  • You have held a Subclass 482 Visa in the short term stream for 3 out of the 4 years immediately before your application for a Subclass 186 TRT ENS Visa.


Applications may be lodged from 1 July 2022.


NOTE: There appears to be no requirement for you to have held a Subclass 482 between 1 February 2020 and December 14, 2021 – simply that you were present in Australia during that time. E.g.,  you could be present during that time on a Working Holiday Visa, then apply for a TSS visa after that time.

(It doesn’t even say present “lawfully” (but that’s just us being mischievious.))


II. Previous subclass 457 Visa holders, who have become 482 Visa holders

To be successful with this type of application, you must:

  • Have held or have been an applicant for a Subclass 457 Visa  before 18 April 2017
  • Have been present in Australia for at least 12 months between 1 February 2020 and 14 December 2021.
  • Hold a Subclass 482 or 457 visa and have worked for your nominating employer for at least 2 years out of the 3 immediately before your Subclass 186 Visa application.


Applications may be lodged anytime.


III Those who held a Subclass 457 after 18 April 2017

To be successful, you must:

  • Have applied for and held a Subclass 457 Visa after 18 April 2017, but whose occupation is now on the “wrong” list.
  • Have been in Australia for at least 12 months between 1 February 2020 and 14 December 2021
  • Have worked for the nominating employer for at least  3 years.


Applications may be lodged from 1 July 2022, and there is no need for the Subclass 186 applicant to have a Subclass 482 to apply if you still have time on your  Subclass 457 Visa.



COVID 19 Reduced work Periods or COVID 19 unpaid leave period.

Whether you are a visa holder in category I, II or III above, if you have been subject to a COVID-19 reduced work period or a COVID-19 unpaid leave period, this may be deducted from the time you are required to work for your nominating employer before you can apply for the Subclass 186 TRT Visa.

The reduced work or the unpaid leave period must have occurred during the “COVID-19 Concession Period” (anytime from 1 February 2020 and ongoing)


Find the text of the new legislation here



Don’t want to miss out on an opportunity, but need help trying to sort this all out? Contact us today and book yourself in for a Migration Consultation.



Charisse, Amy, and their team at AHWC have helped me multiple times with my visas throughout the years. They always give great advice, are efficient, and are always quick to respond to any query or doubts you may have with your situation. They’ve also even helped a few of my friends. Highly recommend to anybody!
Amanda Villapando
Amanda Villapando
1. September, 2023.
Shelby was AWESOME I cannot THANK her enough for getting my husbands 309/100 VISA lodged and sorted for us. She was professional, helpful, a calming influence when i would get stressed, and explained the whole complicated process thoroughly so we knew what would happen each step of the way, she was absolutely amazing. Would highly recommend not only Shelby but AHWC Immigration as a whole, you wont be sorry.
30. August, 2023.
Had such a positive experience with AHWC yet again, kiri was super professional, responsive, helpful & knowledgeable. Everything you need in an immigration lawyer. My visa was approved within a week thanks to her help. 10/10
29. August, 2023.
AHWC was so helpful in arranging my 820 and 801 Partner Visas, their professionalism in the process was exceptional taking all the pressure off what was a very involved process. I thoroughly recommend AHWC to anyone wanting visas and especially Amy and Clarisa for all the preparation involved in obtaining and processing for Home Affairs.
Qin Feng
Qin Feng
28. August, 2023.
Kiri was absolutely amazing! I honestly can’t recommend her enough!! We processed my papers in June 2023 and my subclass 820 visa was granted today! It only took 2months! How incredible. Kiri made sure everything was in order throughout the whole process. She was so positive and reassuring. This girl knows what she’s doing!!
Sarah Feeney
Sarah Feeney
25. August, 2023.
This review is LONG overdue, but our immi agent Su Jiang is the best. We had submitted all papers for 820 partner visa in November 2022 and were expecting an approval of a temporary visa. But we ended up with an approved PR within three months of document submission. We could hardly believe our eyes when we received the good news via email from her. Su Jiang, is always very prompt with her email responses, gives detailed guidance and was very very thorough in ensuring the documents were all good before submission. Most importantly she is very patient and was there at every step of the process. Thank you so much Si Jiang, we cannot recommend her highly enough.
Latha Segaran
Latha Segaran
22. August, 2023.
I was on a very close deadline with my visa submission and the team at AHWC, particularly Amy and Mancy, couldn't have been more helpful and responsive. Would recommend for anyone needing visa application assistance.
Dylan Theis
Dylan Theis
16. August, 2023.
I applied for the 820-partner visa with AHWC and I must say it was an excellent experience. Charisse, who assisted me with my application, was professional and patient throughout the process. I am very grateful for all the support she provided me.
Milagros Medina
Milagros Medina
15. August, 2023.
Very great service. Worth every penny. Charisse was excellent.
kevin mcgrath
kevin mcgrath
15. August, 2023.

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