Should I Book A Visa Consultation?

10 Sep

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Are you wanting to know when the right time to book a consultation is? 
In this article, we outline the purpose of our consultations and when/why you should book in to speak to one of our experienced migration agents about your visa situation.


Here we cover:

  • What is the purpose of these consultations?
  • What happens in the consultation?
  • When should you book a consultation?
  • When not to book a consultation
  • How to book a consultation?


What is the purpose of these consultations?

When attempting to navigate the path to Australian migration, we know how hard it is to get the right information which applies specifically to your situation and needs. Whilst there is a lot of advice out there on the world wide web, unfortunately, rapid changes in law and variations in opinions and situations can unnecessarily complicate matters.

When choosing to move forward with your Australian visa, the very first thing you need is clarity. Clarity on your situation, clarity on what you want your outcome to be, clarity on which visa types you are eligible for and finally, clarity on the process and costs.

Having been in this industry for many years, we understand that clarity is one of the hardest things to attain at this early stage of the process. Like all legal matters, immigration is complex.

The purpose of our consultations is to help you gain a clear understanding of your situation and your next steps in order to get an Australian visa.

These consultations are also a great way for you to get a feel for us. As with any service, you need to understand what is being offered and decide if it is right for you.


What happens in the consultation?

In your consultation, one of our experienced migration agents (or lawyers) will sit down with you and go through your unique situation. If you’re in a relationship or single, onshore or offshore, have an employer willing to sponsor you, have particularly high skills, or want to sponsor someone, we will work through the complexities and help you to understand the best outcomes for your needs.

As this consultation is for you to gain clarity, we also welcome any questions you have and encourage you to use this opportunity to ask those pesky questions which have been hanging around in your mind.

We will give you an idea of the process and the costs which will be incurred for that particular visa type as well as time-frames that you will need to adhere to.

Following on from the consultation (which is usually around 30-45 mins), we will send you an email outlining our advice and fees and how to move forward if you wish to use our services.

From here, the decision is completely yours on how or when you wish to proceed.


Our Migration Consultation process
Our 3 step consultation process


When should you book a consultation?

We recommend booking a consultation at the earliest stage possible when considering doing your visa.

There are usually three main scenarios in which one may book a consultation with us:

  • When you are exploring the possibility of getting an Australian visa. You are at the very early stages and are confused about which visas you may be eligible for. You want to discuss your options so that you can then plan for your next steps. You may not be ready to apply for your visa for six months or a year but you just want to get your ducks in a row and be prepared.
  • You have done your research and have an idea of which visa you will be eligible for. Whilst you believe you meet the criteria, you want to run it past a professional first to make sure there isn’t anything you have missed or any legalities which might get in the way. At this stage, you are probably quite certain you will go ahead. Most often you are gaining clarity on the visa type whilst also doing research into which migration agent to use or what path to go down. You will probably be looking to lodge your application in the new few months and time is on your side.
  • The third main scenario is that you are ready to do your visa and need to get onto it ASAP. Your current visa may be expiring soon so you need to take action immediately. The consultation is to confirm that we can help you, you have everything you need, and also for you to make a decision on whether you want to use our services.
Is yours a more complex issue?

Whilst these are the main reasons that you would book a consultation with one of our migration agents, there are also other reasons. If you are unlawful, have had a visa refusal, are wanting to go to the AAT, have a health issue or have a criminal history, we highly recommend also booking in a consultation to speak to someone.


When not to book a consultation

Unfortunately, as our service involves the entire visa process from start to finish, we are unable to speak to you about a visa you have already lodged. Unless you have already had a decision from the Department of Home Affairs which you want to appeal, we cannot review your application.


How to book a consultation?

Booking a consultation is simple. All you need to do is follow the link, choose whether you want a telephone or Zoom consultation and book a time that suits you. You will then receive a confirmation email and a reminder text, then we will call you  for your consultation.



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