Six Short Reasons To Move To Australia – Even During a Pandemic

09 Jul
If you had told me on Jan 1st, 2020, this year would bring an onslaught of unprecedented changes to the world, I wouldn’t have believed you.
…Seven months later, here we are. Border closures, lock-downs, remote working and home-schooling are now the new norm. Travelling’s out, staying home’s in, kids.

One of the things which has continually struck me during all this craziness, is how bloody lucky we are to be living in beautiful Australia. Never is anything more apparent than in a time of crisis.

So here is a little reminder of why Australia is one phenomenal place and some of the really wonderful things which make me grateful to call it home.


  1. Friendly and Welcoming People

It is no secret here and across the world that Australians are renowned for their carefree and jovial attitudes. Easy to talk to and joke with, Australians are a laidback kind of creature who don’t like to take anything too seriously. It’s easy to see why everyone wants to stay when they come here (including me).

  1. Climate

Could there be a better reason? Australia has an incredible climate and depending on your preference, there are many places to choose from with varying degrees of winter and summer!

  • Melbourne is renowned for having cold winters and some really hot days in summer!
  • Sydney is known for being much more temperate year round and being a beautiful sunny city.
  • Brisbane is known for still being in the 20’s (degrees) in the midst of winter which sounds lovely except summer there is insanely humid.
  • Perth too can be a sweltering furnace in summer and beautiful in winter.

One thing is for certain though, there is a reason Australia’s beautiful beaches are plastered all over our postcards. You’re likely to find some unbelievable beauties to take a dip in no matter where you go!

  1. Nature – Diversity

From tropical rainforests to ski-fields, deserts through to oceans and everything in between, Australia quite literally has it all. Known for having rather “outdoorsy” lifestyles (in part due to the good climate), many foreigners enjoy coming to Australia to sit, walk, hike, swim, sunbathe and just enjoy the fresh air and blue skies. There is so much diversity in Australia that you could spend years travelling around and still not see it all but this is also what makes it so worthwhile.

  1. The Coffee Culture

Australia is known for it’s love of coffee, coffee, coffee. Melbourne’s café culture has taken the world by storm and now Australian style cafes are popping up all over the world and are super successful wherever they are. You will find cafes all over the country owned by passionate locals who live and breathe coffee, and baristas who make it their life mission to serve up your perfect cuppa joe.

  1. Food

Likewise, food is a HUGE deal here in Australia. If you’re a foodie, Australia will be nirvana for you and your tastebuds. Eating out is a big part of the city culture here in Aus and for that reason, there is an abundance of restaurants, cafes and even food truck parks that will always be testing the boundaries of culinary decadence.

  1. High Standard of Living and Wages

Melbourne didn’t get voted Most Liveable City in the world seven years in a row for no reason. Although it has now dropped down to number 2 (behind Vienna), Sydney also comes in at number 3 showing just how great Australia really is.

This Global Liveability Index takes into account many different factors including stability, culture and environment, education, infrastructure and health care.

It’s no surprise that Australia features so highly on this index as we have high wages, great work/life balance, low crime rates, an inclusive healthcare system and an economy which has weathered the storms of past recessions quite easily.

Whilst time will tell how we come through this pandemic, we know that Australia is looking like a pretty darn good option on the world stage at the moment.


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