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26 May



The synergy between AHWC Immigration Law and LORG Talent, our sister  recruitment agency,  creates an exciting opportunity for both businesses to offer comprehensive services to international talent seeking employment in Australia and for Australian employers looking for staff. By combining their expertise, they can provide a seamless experience for individuals looking to work in Australia and for companies seeking international talent. Their collaboration can benefit both parties in the following ways:


Streamlined Process

The partnership between LORG Talent and AHWC Immigration Law eliminates the need for candidates to separately engage with a recruitment agency and an immigration law firm. Instead, they can access a streamlined process where both aspects are seamlessly integrated, saving time and effort.


Access to International Talent

LORG Talent can tap into AHWC Immigration Law’s knowledge and resources networks to identify and recruit talented individuals from around the world. This collaboration  opens up opportunities for companies to access skilled professionals who may otherwise face immigration challenges.


Immigration Expertise

AHWC Immigration Law brings specialised knowledge and experience in navigating the complex immigration landscape. They will provide valuable guidance to candidates and employers regarding visa requirements, eligibility criteria, documentation, and any legal matters related to immigration. This ensures a smooth and compliant immigration pathways for candidates seeking Australian visas.


Visa Sponsorship Assistance

LORG Talent together with AHWC Immigration Law  can assist companies in understanding and fulfilling their obligations as employer sponsors. LORG’s collaboration with AHWC Immigration Law  ensures that the necessary sponsorship requirements are met, such as labor market testing, compliance with visa conditions, and ongoing support throughout the sponsorship period.


Customized Solutions

The unique synergy between a recruitment agency and an immigration law firm allows for tailored solutions. LORG Talent can work closely with AHWC Immigration Law to understand the specific needs of candidates and employers, providing personalized recruitment strategies and immigration solutions that align with their goals and requirements.


Enhanced Client Experience

Through this collaboration, both LORG Talent and AHWC Immigration Law can offer a holistic and end-to-end service to their clients. Candidates benefit from seamless support throughout the recruitment and immigration process, while companies gain access to a comprehensive service that covers talent acquisition and immigration compliance.

Overall, the synergy between LORG Talent and AHWC Immigration Law creates a powerful partnership that combines recruitment expertise with immigration law knowledge. Together, they can attract international talent, assist candidates in securing Australian visas, and provide employers with a seamless recruitment and immigration experience. This collaboration enables both companies to offer a comprehensive solution that addresses the unique needs of clients in the global talent market.


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To learn more about how the synergy between LORG Talent and AHWC Immigration Law can benefit your organization, please visit LORG’s website at Our dedicated teams are ready to provide expert guidance and support, making your Australian immigration journey a seamless one.

Embrace the power of collaboration and experience the difference of working with two industry-leading entities united to solve your recruitment and immigration challenges. Together, LORG Talent and AHWC Immigration Law pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive future for employers and candidates alike.

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