If I have completed my 2 years on a 417 (Working holiday) visa on my British passport, am I allowed to come back on my Irish passport on a new 417 visa?
How much is your consultation fee?
I applied for a 190 visa, after getting nominated by Victoria, but I have just received my refusal because Immigration only awarded me 5 points rather than 15. Immigration's reasons were that I do not have a degree and therefore 5 years of my work experience is invalid...? I am applying for a 263111 Computer Network and Systems Engineer, and cannot understand the rejection.
I want to apply for a Working Holiday Visa but I have children here in England. I thought I'd come out on the Working Holiday Visa to look for work, and have the missus and kids follow me out later. Is that a good plan?
My tourist visa expires next week. Can I call the Department of Home Affairs and get an extension to stay here longer?
How long does it take to be approved as a Business Sponsor so that my business can sponsor Visa holders?
I am Australian and sponsored my non-Australian partner for a partner visa, which he was granted a few months ago. Now he has left me for someone else. Can I have his visa cancelled?
Does my provisonal Partner visa (Subclass 820) have any travel restrictions attached to it?
What are the current processing times for 189 and 190 visas?
How long do I have to be on my provisional partner visa (subclass 820) before I'll become a permanent resident on a Subclass 801 partner visa?
Can I go from a tourist visa to a 457 visa?
Can I apply for different visa to a partner visa if my marriage breaks down?
Will a 820 visa let you work full time?
Can I extend my 457 working visa after 4 years?
Help, my 187 visa has been cancelled! What can I do?
Which occupations are on the 457 visa list?
What work restrictions apply to the secondary applicant's 457 visa?
How much time do I have to spend in Australia before I can apply for Australian Citizenship?
What is the process involved in becoming an Australian citizen?
What happens when a couple who has been granted PR (permanent residence) splits up after the visa has been granted?
How strict is the 2 year working condition for 186 visas?
I am in a de facto relationship with an Australian citizen and have been granted a provisional partner visa (Subclass 820). My partner has been violent towards me and I have been forced to take out an intervention order against him and I have fled our apartment. What will happen to my partner visa now?
Can I add my partner to my student visa?
Help! I'm on a 457 visa and my employer has just let me go. Another employer has offered me a "trial" working period before he will offer me a new sponsorship. Is this OK?
What's involved in a Medical? Do you have to get naked?
I'm unlawful and I just saw what seems to be a lovely friendly advert by the Department of Immigration in the Irish Echo. It said that if we had overstayed our visas we should go in and see them and they will give us the right information. Does that mean they'll let me stay if I go in?
What's the quickest way to get a US Police Certificate?
How do I become a permanent resident once I get my Subclass 457 visa?
My friend and I lodged our permanent residence visas on the same day. His was granted today. Why wasn't mine granted today as well?
What's the best way to get prepared to stay on in Australia after my Working Holiday Visa?
Do I need an Australian Visa to transit through the country on my way to New Zealand?
Is is possible to get sponsorship with an RPL (recognition of prior learning) qualification in Australia?
My 457 visa is just about up and my family and I need to return home to attend some family business. Can I get my super back once my visa is finished?
How long does it take to get a Employer Nominated Subclass 186 Visa or a Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Subclass 187 Visa?
I just transferred my 457 visa after being successfully nominated by a new employer. Does this mean I have a new visa and the four years starts again?