Applying In Australia? Subclass 820/801 Onshore Partner Visa



If you’re in Australia – A Subclass 820 Onshore Partner Visa application is your best option.



Advantage: If you have a visa when you apply for the Subclass 820 Visa, you’ll get a Bridging Visa A with full work rights. It doesn’t matter which visa you hold at the time of application.

When your current visa expires after your application has been lodged, you will be granted a Bridging Visa A with full work rights to remain in Australia while your Subclass 820 Partner Visa application is processed.


The Onshore Partner Visa has two stages.
  1. The first stage is the  Provisional Partner Visa (Subclass 820),  which is the Temporary Partner Visa.
  2. The second stage of the Partner Visa process is the Permanent Partner Visa (Subclass 801).


You can apply for the second stage, the Permanent Partner Visa, two years after applying for the Provisional Partner Visa.


The Onshore Temporary Partner Visa application must be lodged when the applicant is in Australia.






Relationship –  Married or in a de facto relationship

You must be legally married to, or in a de facto relationship with an Australian citizen, Permanent Resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen.

If you are not married, you must have been in a de facto relationship for at least 12 months prior to lodging your application, unless you have registered your relationship.

If you can prove there are compassionate circumstances affecting  your relationship, the Dept may waive the 12-month relationship requirement (think Australian children of the relationship or religious reason for not being able to live together).


No matter whether you are in a married or de facto relationship, you must demonstrate:

  • Your relationship is genuine and enduring
  • Your relationship is  mutually exclusive
  • Either you live together, or you do not live apart on a permanent basis.


Does your sponsor qualify?

Your sponsor must be an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen who:

  • Hasn’t previously sponsored more than one partner, and has not sponsored a partner within the last five years (unless compelling and compassionate circumstances apply)
  • Hasn’t been convicted of a “relevant offence” (includes violence offences, child sex offences, breaching a protection order and other offences such as people smuggling etc), or has a significant criminal record.


These days, Sponsors are approved separately, before the Partner Visa application can be granted. A sponsor must lodge a separate sponsorship  form immediately after the Partner Visa application is lodged.  Whilst we have not experienced it ourselves, we are aware that some sponsors have  not been approved and consequently the Partner Visa application is refused. If this occurs the visa refusal may be appealed at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.


 How’s your health and character?

You must meet the health and character requirements of the Subclass 820 visa. This means that:

  •  You pass the “character test
  •  You meet the health requirements, or if you do not meet the health requirements, you have been granted a health waiver.


How Much Does a Partner Visa Cost?

In addition to professional fees you may be charged if a Registered Migration Agent, or Immigration Lawyer prepares your Partner Visa application, the visa application charges are:

  • Visa application charge –  $7,715.00
  • Medical examinations –  approximately $550.00
  • Police certificates –  approximately $50 each (although some countries do not charge, e.g. Ireland)

To find out about our professional fees, and if a Partner Visa is right for you, please book a consultation.


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Subclass 801, your Second Stage Permanent Partner Visa.

The subclass 801 permanent partner visa is the  Australian permanent residence  Visa  which holders of subclass 820 temporary partner visas progress to after holding their Subclass 820 visa for two years.

It is a permanent visa granted to the spouse or de facto partner of an Australian permanent resident or citizen or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

The subclass 801 partner visa is usually applied for 2 years after the subclass 820 visa application was lodged.

The subclass 801 partner visa is a permanent visa without conditions with the next step being Australian citizenship.


Want a Partner Visa and want peace of mind that your Partner Visa application is perfectly complete and decision ready? We will advise you which is the best Partner Visa for you, and  prepare and lodge your visa application.

Let’s get started! We’ll make your dreams come true!


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Ciaran Kehoe
Ciaran Kehoe
4. March, 2022.
PR application was approved 6 months after completing the application through AHWC. Patrick was a great help and made the whole process very easy. would definitely recommend!
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Barbara Rehman
2. March, 2022.
Well I was not a patient person it took years for our partner visa but Patrick ohh he put up with my contestants calling him.he is the most best person to help with visa.. please if you need a person to do your visa it has to be Patrick
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D. Cohen
25. February, 2022.
The folks at AHWC really took care of me and my needs. They were super professional, informative and stayed on top of my application and made sure to keep me in the loop during the entire process. If you need any help with your AUS immigration needs, don't hesitate to reach out to them. Tell them that D. sent you! It won't get you a discount, but it will make them either laugh or say, "That's awesome, Mate!"
Rebecca Humphreys
Rebecca Humphreys
21. February, 2022.
I have had a superb experience with the team at AHWC. They first helped me to quickly submit my 820-visa in early 2020 which was approved within 5 months! I was so pleased with my experience that when it came time to submit the second part of my visa (801) this year, I contacted the team to assist me again without hesitation. This time around Charisse was helping me to submit my visa. Charisse got my visa ready to submit in no time and was amazing throughout the whole process. Her communication was great, she let me know what was required and was able to give me solutions to any problems I had – always promptly answering my questions which was extremely helpful! I will highly recommend AHWC’s service to anyone looking for help to submit their visa!
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vanessa king
17. February, 2022.
Charisse at AHWC is amazing! She helped me and my boyfriend lodge his visa and was with us every step of the way. She helped us work through all of the paperwork which can seem so daunting at first. I could not recommend her enough, especially with how efficient she is with actioning everything for us! Thank you again Charisse!
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Ihab Housaiki
16. February, 2022.
Exceptional Service, Efficient and Quick process! Patrick was Amazing in the whole process! Very attentive and great in communicating and sharing his knowledge! Highly recommended
Our Home
Our Home
30. January, 2022.
I had a very positive experience with AHWC, and I highly recommend them. My initial consultation was with Seamus, and he was very thorough with his explanations. Charisse dealt with our case, and she was very professional, polite, and friendly. She was always patient with me, and I highly appreciate her guidance and support. She constantly kept me informed and was remarkably prompt at answering all my queries, via phone and e-mail. She was such a joy to deal with, and she helped me every step of the way. Thank you, Charisse! I greatly appreciate your assistance throughout the whole process.
Qiting Hu
Qiting Hu
17. January, 2022.
AHWC is very professional! Had Xiaodan (Amy) to help me apply for the partner visa, she guided and helped us through the whole process, much easier than working these out by ourselves. Highly recommended!
Hadil Burghul
Hadil Burghul
13. January, 2022.
I highly recommend AHWC for anyone seeking assistance in their immigration visa. I (a British) wanted to apply for the partner visa as my husband is a permanent resident in Australia lives here in Australia. As part of our due diligence, we contacted several agencies including AHWC. We were impressed from the beginning with AHWC's knowledge of the process. They provided clear guidance and timely communications throughout the entire process. I would like to thank Seamus Taaffe and Chloe White at AHWC for their great services. I also worked with Chloe White again and Charisse Ongoco for the second half of my partner visa subclass 801 visa. Both of them were professional and they always answer promptly and provide a great service.
Lara Sim
Lara Sim
8. January, 2022.
AHWC Immigration Law offers a team that is a pleasure to work with. Professional help from them has proven to speed up the long wait for visa processing as the documents you finally submit is more likely to be clear and concise. Thank you to Charisse Ongoco who offered prompt response, helpful advice, and great attention to detail.
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