Please Book Your Australian Visa Consultation Below

You’ve been such a great help and  I’m so lucky and glad we had our consultation. Thank you for everything you have done for me. You are a brilliant team and you have been a great support for me.” MC 4 February 2019


Why should I book a consultation?

If you’d like the best solution for your Australian immigration issues, you can’t do better than booking a consultation with us.

You will come away with a clear vision of the pathway to best Australian Visa for you and the steps needed to get there.

During your consultation, you’ll have the undivided attention of one of our experienced Registered Migration Agents or Immigration Lawyers.

We promise:

  • To listen to you.
  • To assess your situation and your  eligibility for a variety of visa options.
  • To advise which Australian visa option would be best for you and any problems/challenges which may affect your chances.
  • To show you how you can increase your chances of a visa grant.
  • To explain the application process and approximate processing times.
  • To answer your questions.
  • Tips and tricks and case studies.
  • To provide you with fixed costs estimate, with no hidden extras (and zero sales talk).
  • To provide you written advice and your unique “recipe for success” migration master plan.


What kind of Consultations do you offer?

We offer Face-to-Face Consultations at our Melbourne and Sydney offices, or Skype and Telephone Consultations with either office if you’re interstate or internationally remote.

Our consultation fee is $220.