At AHWC Immigration Law, our mission is to provide your business with the highest quality advice and assistance. We specialise in delivering Australian immigration solutions that are tailored to your company’s needs, allowing you to utilise skilled global talent to fill gaps in your local workforce.


Which Industries Do We Serve?

Our team has experience with assisting a diverse portfolio of companies with their Australian visa requirements. This ranges from coordinating the immigration programs for large multi-national corporations to one-off work visa solutions for smaller companies who don’t usually utilise the Australian visa program.

We can provide bespoke visa solutions that take into account your industry and business.


The industries we most commonly work with include:

We represent clients in civil, commercial and residential construction, assisting them with sourcing and retaining essential skilled staff for their business. We understand that companies in the construction industry often require staff at short notice to ensure that they can complete infrastructure and projects in accordance with their contractual obligations. Construction companies often require expatriate staff with skills that are not available in the Australian labour market and we provide advice and assistance on market trends and solutions, such as labour agreements.
We assist Information, Communication and Technology clients with their Australian immigration programs and obtaining visas to allow these companies to fill skill shortages in Cyber Security, Analyst Programming, ICT Business and System Analysts. We provide advice and thought leadership relating to talent management for this sector, providing companies with a competitive advantage when attracting and retaining employees by utilising Global Talent schemes.
We have assisted private health services with Australian visa applications for medical staff, nurses, pharmacists and physiotherapy. We understand the complexities in sponsoring medical and health practitioners and can guide organisations through the application process and registration requirements for these occupations.
Our team has experience with supplying Australian immigration services to national and global mining operations, providing advice on suitable visa options for their expatriate employees and training workshops for HR staff and other key stakeholders. We have experience in utilising Designated Area Migration Agreements and regional visa options to the benefit of Mining companies.
Our team has significant expertise in partnering with some of Australia’s largest brands to oversee their visa programs and provide tailored visa solutions. This includes negotiating Global Talent Employer Sponsoring agreement with the Department of Home Affairs, to allow these companies to attract talent by guaranteeing a pathway to permanent residency for positions that would otherwise only be eligible for temporary visas, such as Fashion Designer and Sales and Marketing Managers.
We assist hotels, restaurants and fast food outlets with their Australian visa applications for Chefs, Cooks and Restaurant Managers. This includes assessing whether utilising the current restaurant industry labour agreement would be beneficial to their business.
We have clients across all areas of engineering including civil, mechanical, electrical and chemical. We provide assistance in obtaining employer sponsored temporary and permanent visas when suitable labour options are not available locally.
We assist sport players, coaches, performers and production staff with Temporary Activity Subclass 408 visa applications through the Sporting and Entertainment streams. This is a cost effective visa option for expatriate individuals who wish to work in these industries.
We provide visa advice to franchisor and franchisee’s in relation to ensuring their compliance with migration legislation and sponsorship obligations, the appropriate entity to sponsor expatriate employees as well as assisting with employer sponsored visa applications.


Services Tailored To Your Needs

Working on a construction plans

Within AHWC’s highly experienced immigration team you will have a single point of contact who will be your account manager and partner with your business. They will be able to assist you with all visa applications and provide solutions to your immigration challenges that suit your business needs.

Your AHWC immigration contact will utilise their extensive experience assisting clients with employer sponsored visas to tailor the application process to your business. They will efficiently source and lodge the relevant information and supporting documents for your sponsored temporary and permanent work visa applications.

You will also receive regular relevant insights on market trends and practical implications of changes to migration legislation and policy (e.g. reclassification of occupations, exemptions etc). We will also work with you and other companies in your industry to advocate for beneficial changes to the employer sponsored temporary and permanent work visa programs.



Our Employer Services

We offer a wide variety of advice and visa assistance to our clients which includes:

  • Advice: in relation to Australia’s employee sponsored visa programs, current approved occupation lists and the most beneficial visa options for your business
  • Sponsorship: Obtaining approval for the company to sponsor expatriate workers, either through the standard or accredited program
  • Temporary employer sponsored visas which includes:
  • Permanent employer nominated visas including
  • Global Talent Employment Scheme and Global Talent Independent Scheme Visascurrently the fastest way to be granted Australian permanent residency
  • Regional sponsored visas including
  • Labour agreements: Our team has experience in negotiating labour agreements with the Department of Home Affairs for the construction, automotive and manufacturing industries
  • Skills assessment and registration
  • Track and monitor visa expiry dates and other key information for all employer sponsored visas;
  • Risk review and compliance advice and training workshops to ensure all staff are aware of the company’s sponsorship obligations. Immigration risk and compliance review of your business’ current policies and processes including bespoke training and workshops on the responsibilities and sponsorship obligations for all relevant staff
  • Health & Character Submissions
  • Review of adverse migration decisions–  lodging appeals with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and the Federal Circuit Court; and
  • Reuniting staff members’ familiesthrough non-sponsored visa programs such as partner, parent and child visas
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