Labour Agreements
Labour agreements enable Australian businesses to sponsor skilled overseas workers when there is a demonstrated need that cannot be met in the Australian labour market and where standard temporary or permanent visa programs are not available.


Labour agreements are negotiated between the Department of Home Affairs’ Labour Agreement section and employers. They are in effect for a period of up to five years and provide for visas to be granted under one or more of the following visa programs:


Concessions may be negotiated

Through the negotiating process, employers are able to request concessions to general eligibility requirements such as age, English, skills, qualifications, salary etc.

The application process for a Labour Agreement is significantly more complex and time consuming than the standard employer sponsored visa programs.



The primary benefit that Labour Agreements can provide is to provide the opportunity for Australian businesses to sponsor expatriate workers for positions that are not closely associated with occupations on the currently approved occupation lists. Labour Agreements can also assist employers in specialist and alternative areas of employment where workers do not meet particular criteria such as age.


We can assist you

AHWC’s team have successfully negotiated labour agreements for companies in the automotive, construction and logistics industries.


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