Sending Your Belongings To Australia

Apart from visas, jobs and living situations, the looming question around what to do with your stuff when moving to or from Australia baffles a lot of people. The big questions of whether to take it or leave it, and the surrounding costs are one of the most confusing things to have to decide when moving to a new country!

If you’re anything like me, you probably have an attachment to an item or two (or three, or four) and wouldn’t mind having the comfort and enjoyment of those items in your new home.


We recommend weighing up the costs and the options prior to making a decision.

You have a few different options for moving your items between countries:

  1. You can send a couple of bags or boxes individually.
  2. You can get a moving cube or pod.
  3. You can get a whole container, or a part of one.
1. Sending a couple of bags or boxes

1. Sending a couple of bags or boxes

This is a great option if you only have a few bits and bobs which you want to send between countries. It’s certainly a lot cheaper than if you were to send your whole house, and much less hassle.

There are two main options here:

  1. You can opt to add an extra bag or two to your flight’s baggage allowance
  2. You can get a door-to-door bag or box delivery service

Some good companies for sending a bag or a box between countries; (please note; it is best to request a quote and then compare pricings on all)

2. Getting a moving cube or pod

2. Getting a moving cube or pod

For more or larger items, a moving cube or pod may be a perfect idea. Practical, functional and with door-to-door delivery, you will be able to pack it yourself right from your doorstep!

The cubes work like little moveable trailers. They come in three different sizes based on your needs. The moving company will likely bring you the cube/pod, leave it with you and pick it up at another pre-planned date. They will then send the cube to your new location.

This seems to be like a relatively new concept for international removalists. Whilst there are a lot of companies who do this domestically in Australia, the best international option is with Seven Seas Worldwide Move Cubes

Once again, for pricing, we suggest getting a quote on their website which may suit your needs! 

3. Fill a container

3. Fill a container

This is by far the most expensive option. You can opt to fill a whole container or just a part of one, and this is a better option for furniture and larger items that you may want to bring over. 

Hint: For things like white goods etc, we would suggest just buying them when you are settled here rather than shipping them over. If you weigh up the cost of sending vs. buying them here, it would be far cheaper to do the latter.

When deciding to move a house, it’s best to get in-house moving quotes rather than over the phone or online. If you can get a few different moving companies in to give you an accurate assessment, then you will be better equipped to understand your costs.

When booking a moving quote, it is highly recommended to get at least three quotes from different shipping companies. Australian customs can be complex so you need to make sure you choose a removalist who is experienced in shipping to Australia!

We recommend starting off by getting some online quotes through and then booking in some in-house appointments to get more of an accurate idea of the move and what is involved.