Moving to Australia Guide: City Populations and The New Regional Visas

18 Dec

With the new regional visas afoot, the question of where people can move is now on everybody’s lips! Whilst the pull of the major Australian cities will always be great, there are A HUGE amount of smaller cities which qualify under the new regional visa scheme as well as some other truly magical locations!

No matter what the pull is for you to come to Australia, there will be somewhere which is perfect for you to make a home!

My personal top picks for setting up a life in Australia would be:

  1. Byron Bay
  2. Wollongong
  3. Perth
  4. Adelaide

The populations of some of Australia’s best are below: (Keep in mind, the regional visas only exclude Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The rest is fair game)

  • Sydney population: 4,627,345
  • Melbourne population: 4,246,375
  • Brisbane population: 2,189,878
  • Perth population: 1,896,548
  • Adelaide population: 1,224,235
  • Canberra population: 367,752
  • Gold Coast population: 591,473
  • Newcastle population: 308,308
  • Wollongong population: 292,190
  • Hobart population: 216,656
  • Byron Bay population: 30,000
  • Darwin population: 129,062
  • Townsville population: 196,219
  • Cairns population: 153,075

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