From Kiwi to PR to Aussie citizenship? 1 July changes announced.

The new regulations have just been introduced and we now know the fine detail about the new Permanent Residence visa for New Zealand citizens. The new visa is called the Subclass 189 Visa – New Zealand Stream, and applications can be lodged from 1 July this year.

Here’s what you need to get one..

  • You must have been in Australia on or before 19 February 2016, and be normally resident in Australia for at least five years prior to lodging the visa application.
  • Primary applicants must hold a Subclass 444 visa (New Zealand special category visa, granted to New Zealand citizens on arrival in Australia). Secondary applicants  and dependents can hold any visa or a Bridging Visa A, B, or C.
  • Primary applicants must have earned at least the equivalent of the TSMIT (Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold) (currently $53,900), for four years prior to lodgement unless exempt.
  • There is no age limit.
  • The visa application charge is payable in instalments as follows,
    • The first instalment is $720 for primary applicants, $360 for additional applicants over 18 years of age, and $180 for additional applicants under 18 years.
    • The Second instalment  is $2,880 for primary applicants, $1,440 for additional applicants over 18 and $720 for additional applicants under 18.
  • Upon grant, the applicants become Australian permanent residents, with all its perks, and, unlike the citizenship changes that will affect other permanent residence visa holders, the citizenship requirement for Subclass 189 – New Zealand Stream visa holders will be one year of permanent residence only.

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