8 Things You Should Know About The New Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa

20 Dec


  1. The new Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa will be available to parents and grandparents of Australian citizens, Australian Permanent Residents and eligible New Zealand citizens in the first half of 2019, after the Federal Parliament recently passed  legislation allowing the visa.
  2. The new visa will cost $5000 for a three-year visa and $10,000 for a five year visa, with the possibility of a single renewal for another five years for a further $10,000. As with Contributory Parent  Visas, each applicant will be required to pay the $5000 or $10,000 visa application charge
  3. Parents must be sponsored by their child, and the sponsorship application must be approved before the visa application can be lodged. It has been suggested that the longer the sponsor has resided in and contributed to Australia, the more streamlined the sponsorship processing will be.
  4. An Assurance of Support payment will be required, however it is not yet clear whether this will apply to all applicants.
  5. The legislation will oblige the parents’ sponsors to  pay any healthcare costs incurred by the parents.
  6. Private health insurance will be mandatory for Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa holders, and we  anticipate that these health insurance costs will be quite high.
  7. Temporary Sponsored Parent Visas will have a “no work” condition but Sponsored Temporary Parent Visa Holders will be allowed to provide child care for their grandchildren during their stay (childcare duties are  not currently allowed for parents/grandparent holding visitor visas with a “no work” condition).
  8. Whilst the cost of the new visa is high, the upside is that they will allow parents to spend extended time with their families in Australia, and we anticipate processing times will not be as long as the Contributory Parent Visa processing time which is currently 43-46 months. Further, a parent will not be required to spend 6 months outside Australia in any 18 month period.

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