Partner Visa Relationship Breakdown
Enduring a partner visa relationship breakdown in Australia is no doubt a very difficult and confusing time for both parties involved. If you are considering a partner visa cancellation, make sure you know all your rights beforehand.

As the old adage goes, breaking up is never easy. It can be a heavy emotional, mental and even physical burden which leaves you with little energy for anything else.

Whilst we would never wish this upon anyone, questions regarding partner visa breakups are a harsh reality of the migration industry and it is extremely important that you know where you stand regardless of whether you are a partner visa sponsor or an applicant.

Please consider carefully the options you have before making any final decisions on your partner visa relationship breakdown. Make sure you understand exactly the implications that your decision will have not only on yourself, but also your partner or spouse because whichever decision you make will ultimately affect both your futures.

As always, we highly recommend seeking advice on your situation, especially if you are seriously considering a partner visa separation. A consultation can help you to feel at ease with your next steps and hopefully, make this part of the process slightly less stressful.

Alternatively, if you have any questions, fill in our contact form below.

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