The Subclass 407 Training Visa

The Subclass 407 Training Visa enables Australian organisations to sponsor individuals to take part in occupational training programs in Australia.


The Subclass 407 visa allows people to undertake occupational training in Australia to meet occupational, registration or licensing requirements; to enhance skills in their occupation; or for capacity building overseas. The visa is valid for a maximum of two years.


Eligibility for the Subclass 407 Visa

The Subclass 407 Training Visa applicant must be the subject of an approved nomination by a “Temporary Activities Sponsor”,  and the training opportunity must be a genuine one.


As the visa applicant, you must:
  • be at least 18 years old
  • have the skills, experience and/or qualifications required to undertake the specified occupational training
  • have at least functional English (e.g., hold an exempt passport from UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand or the Republic of Ireland or an IELTS score of at least 4.5).
  • genuinely intend to stay temporarily in Australia in order to undertake the specified occupational training
  • be able to support yourself financially during your stay in Australia
  • have made adequate arrangements for health insurance during your stay in Australia, and meet the relevant health and character criteria


The occupational training:
  • Must be provided by the sponsor, unless  an exemption exists (e.g. where the sponsor is supported by a Commonwealth agency), although the training may also be provided by an associated entity of the sponsor.
  • Must be workplace based.
  • Be at least 30 hours a week.
  • At least 70% of the training must be conducted in the workplace.


 A training plan must be submitted with the nomination application and should:
  • Differentiate between periods of practical work experience and periods of instruction/observation.
  • Outline the objectives, tasks and time frames of the training.
  • Include assessment and learning outcomes.
  • Outline the additional or enhanced skills the applicant  will gain.


The training program must include supervision by appropriately qualified  supervisors.


 There are 3 types of Nomination:


I. Occupational training required for registrationII. Occupational training to enhance skillsIII. Occupational training for capacity building overseas
  • The occupational training must be necessary for the visa applicant to obtain registration, membership or licensing in Australia or their home country.
  • The registration is necessary for employment in Australia or the applicant’s home country.
  • The duration of the training is necessary.
  • The occupational training is workplace based.
  • The visa applicant has appropriate qualifications to undertake the training.
  •  A structured work place based training program, meeting the training needs of the nominee.
  •  The  occupational training relates to an occupation specified  by the Minister.
  • The visa applicant has at least 12 months experience in the occupation.

The nomination types within this category include, overseas qualifications, government support, and professional development.

  •  Overseas Qualification: the visa applicant completes a period of no more than six months of practical experience, researcher observation to obtain a qualification from an overseas education institution.
  •  Government Support: the occupational training is supported by a government agency of Australia or the overseas government in the home country of the visa applicant
  •  Professional Development:  the visa applicant is employed by an overseas employer and is in a managerial or professional position – and the training is relevant to the further acquisition of managerial or professional skills, and is consistent with the business background of the overseas employer.


How does my business become an approved Temporary Activities Sponsor?
  • Sponsorship is available to Australian Organisations lawfully operating in Australia and government agencies.
  • the Department of Home Affairs must have no “adverse information” about the organisation or any person associated with the organisation, unless it is reasonable to disregard such information.
  • Organisations  must provide information that they can comply with the Temporary Activities Sponsor  obligations, and have the financial capacity to support the visa applicant.


 How long do sponsorships last?

Sponsorships  are granted for a period of five years.


What is an 'Australian organisation'?

An Australian organisation may be a:

  • Partnership
  • Company
  • Joint venture
  • Not-for-profit organisation
  • Unincorporated association
  • Incorporated association
  • Cooperatives.

… But not an  individual, sole trader, or sole proprietor.

What is 'adverse information'?

Adverse information includes:

  • Contravention of a a law of the Commonwealth, a State or a Territory; or investigation, disciplinary action or subject to legal proceedings in relation to a contravention of such a law; or
  • The sponsor has been the subject of administrative action (including being issued with a warning) for a possible contravention of such a law by a Department or regulatory authority that administers or enforces the law; or
  • The sponsor has become insolvent; or
  • The sponsor has given, or caused to be given, to the Minister, an officer, the Tribunal or an assessing authority a bogus document, or information that is false or misleading in a material particular.
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