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Choosing a migration agent or immigration lawyer can be a daunting process, and differentiating them from one another can make the already confusing task of lodging a visa seem even more bewildering!

The first thing you should always check before engaging a migration agent or lawyer, for even the smallest amount of advice, is that the agent you are dealing with is MARA registered. MARA is the regulatory government office which monitors migration agents and their suitability to provide accurate, timely and quality guidance to individuals seeking migration advice.

Having one of the largest dedicated migration teams in Australia, all our agents and lawyers are registered with OMARA and can be checked here for further confirmation.


You Can Ensure That You Are in Experienced Hands

You Can Ensure That You Are in Experienced Hands


The majority of our team have had to go through the process of obtaining Australian visas for themselves and their partners. Hailing from Ireland, South Africa and China to name a few, our dedicated and knowledgeable agents and lawyers understand the emotional toll that the lengthy visa process can have on day-to-day life.

Affording us this unique perspective, it is our highest priority to ensure that we successfully represent our clients and make the entire process as stress-free and pain-free as possible. We want to provide an experience which is as seamless and enjoyable as possible whilst utilising our extensive knowledge to achieve the most desired outcome: an Australian visa!

Your Stress and Anxiety Will be Drastically Reduced!

Your Stress and Anxiety Will be Drastically Reduced!

It’s not widely spoken about, the exasperating and sometimes debilitating nature of applying for an Australian visa. It requires a huge amount of research and knowledge in order to decide which visa will apply to your situation best and what your chances are of that visa being granted. Gathering all the forms, collating all the evidence and correctly filling out the necessary paperwork which can sometimes exceed over 100-pages, can easily turn into an ordeal which is upsetting, stressful and frustrating. Only then do you play the waiting game and hope that everything you have done is right and you will be able to stay in the country.

When we say that we take the stress out of applying for a visa, what we really mean is, we use our extensive knowledge and experience to ensure that your application is the absolute strongest it can be and nothing is missed in the process. This doesn’t mean that we won’t need evidence from you or you won’t have to wait for the Department of Home Affairs to grant you your visa, but it does mean that we will prepare the entire application and logically and thoughtfully attain all the relevant information from you to prove your eligibility.

We do recommend Beyond Blue for anyone that if anyone is struggling with their mental health during this process, we understand that it can be a very difficult process to cope with and we strongly advocate taking the time to get some help!


How Does This Reduce My Stress? You Ask.

How Does This Reduce My Stress? You Ask.

Hypothetically, let’s imagine you decide that you want to lodge a partner visa which is $7,160.00. You know that your relationship is genuine but you now have to prove it to the DHA (Department of Home Affairs) who in reality looks at every relationship as if it could be fake. You spend months preparing your application and putting your evidence together and assume your application is correct at the time of lodgement. You then wait for 18 months and hear absolutely nothing and in that time, you have heard others say that they used different evidence to prove their relationships and you start to doubt you did enough. Then you hear, and your visa has been refused, there is no refund of that money and you have to choose what to do next….. Only now do you engage a migration agent.

The alternative option is to get a migration agent or immigration lawyer to help you from the start. Step-by-step, they will go through the entire process with you and lodge the application on your behalf. Through their years of knowledge and experience, they know exactly which evidence to get from you, how to prepare it, how to easily prove that your relationship is genuine and to be upfront and honest with you about how your application will look to the DHA. With all of this, you know that when your application is lodged, it is the strongest application possible and when you wait for that 18 months, you have someone to turn to when you feel slightly anxious about the wait and they can reassure you it is normal and okay! Then you hear, and your visa has been granted, and you can pop the champagne!

The Proof is in The Pudding...

We presented a complex visa case to our agent and she dealt with it extremely well. Xiadon Wan is a fantastic agent she was informative, kind and above all highly organised and efficient making a stressful application easier to manage.

Eimear Keeley
Didn't really have a clue how to go about returning to Oz on a more permanent basis but they guys here made the whole process easy to understand and stress free, definitely recommend.

Paul Pierce
To Seamus Taaffe, Maggie Taaffe, Georgina Lyons and all the staff at AHWC Immigration Law, we could never thank you all enough for all you have done throughout this whole process.We understand the amount of time and energy put into our case as it was ...

Anna & Martin
Dear Maria, Thank you so very much--we are delighted with all this detail and feel that you have been very thorough and professional-- we are very impressed with AHWC Immigration Law -- and Australia has been kind to us too. You have answered ...

Hello there,... Just wanted to let you know that myself and L got engaged on the 18th of May while we were on holidays in Ireland...We are back in Australia now and tossing up whether to have it here or in Ireland... I wanna say a big thank ...

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