10 Things You Need To Know about the Sponsored Parent Visa.

04 Mar


  1. The Immigration Minister has recently announced that the Sponsored Parent Subclass 870 Visa will be launched on 17 April 2019 (for a visa that was promised way back in 2017, this is not a bad effort!)
  2. The Sponsored Parent Visa allows parents to live temporarily in Australia for up to 10 years.
  3. Parents sponsored for this visa will require private health insurance.
  4. The new visa is expensive, costing $3000 for a three-year visa, and $5000 for a five year visa. The maximum number of visas per parent will be two, which means that a parent can live in Australia for a maximum of 10 years.
  5. Once a parent has used up two Sponsored Parent Visas, they will be unable to apply for a further Sponsor Parent Visa, but may be able to apply for another type of visa if they qualify.
  6. Currently, only one set of parents of a couple may be sponsored for this visa type.
  7. An assurance of support will also be required prior to visa grant.
  8. The sponsor of the parent for the Subclass 870 visa, will be subject to the Sponsor character provisions, which will also apply to Partner Visas. This means that the parent sponsor will be assessed separately from the parents, and the sponsor must be approved before the parent visa can be granted.  Sponsorships will be refused where the sponsor has convictions for domestic violence, violence against children or sex offences against women or children.  It remains unclear whether or not the sponsorship must be approved before the Sponsored Parent Visa application may be lodged.
  9. Only 15,000 places are available this year for the new Sponsored Parent Visa.
  10. The Labor government has announced that it will scrap the Sponsor Parent Visa should it be voted in in the upcoming May election, however the shadow Immigration Minister has suggested that they may introduce a more equitable visa which would allow both sets of grandparents to enter into and remain in Australia temporarily, and not cost as much.

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