STAC Charge – Extra $700 on Your Australian Visa Application fees?

08 Apr
If you are submitting an application for a temporary visa from within Australia, whilst holding a temporary visa that you also applied for from within Australia the subsequent temporary application charge (STAC) may apply.


The STAC is an additional $700 fee for your visa application for each individual applicant based on their individual immigration history.


The STAC charge only applies if you meet both of the criteria detailed below:


1. You are applying for one of the following temporary visas, while you are inside Australia

  • Subclass 408    –    Temporary Activity
  • Subclass 407    –    Training
  • Subclass 482    –    Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS)
  • Subclass 500    –    Student
  • Subclass 590    –    Student Guardian
  • Subclass 600    –    Visitor
  • Subclass 676    –    Tourist



2. You currently hold, or the last substantive visa you held, was one of the following temporary visas, and you also applied for that visa when you were inside Australia.      


  • Subclass 401     –    Temporary Work (Long Stay Activity)
  • Subclass 402     –    Training and Research – Occupational Trainee stream
  • Subclass 402     –    Training and Research – Research stream
  • Subclass 407     –    Training visa
  • Subclass 408     –    Temporary Activity visa
  • Subclass 416    –     Special Program
  • Subclass 417    –     Working Holiday
  • Subclass 419    –     Visiting Academic
  • Subclass 420    –     Temporary Work (Entertainment)
  • Subclass 426    –     Domestic Worker – Diplomatic and Consular
  • Subclass 442    –     Occupational Trainee
  • Subclass 457    –     Temporary Work (Skilled)
  • Subclass 462    –     Work and Holiday
  • Subclass 482    –     Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS)
  • Subclass 500    –     Student
  • Subclass 570    –     Independent ELICOS Sector
  • Subclass 571    –     Schools Sector
  • Subclass 572    –     Vocational Education and Training Sector
  • Subclass 573    –     Higher Education Sector
  • Subclass 574    –     Post-Graduate Research Sector
  • Subclass 575    –     Non-Award Sector
  • Subclass 576    –     Foreign Affairs or Defence Sector
  • Subclass 580    –     Student Guardian
  • Subclass 590    –     Student Guardian
  • Subclass 600    –     Visitor
  • Subclass 602    –     Medical Treatment
  • Subclass 676    –     Tourist
  • Subclass 685    –     Medical Treatment (Long Stay)


The STAC will continue to apply to every visa application you make that meets the above criteria until you are approved for a visa that is not on the second list, or you are approved for a visa (even if on the list) that you applied for from outside Australia.



There are certain circumstances where the STAC won’t apply even if you meet both criteria.

These include:

  • where the visa the applicant currently holds was  granted when they were a newborn child as a subsequent applicant on a parents’ visa,
  • where the visa was granted by ministerial intervention or operation of law,
  • where the visa was granted without the applicant making an application (generally a Minister’s decision – think au pairs), or,
  • an additional student visa application that was required because a previous education provider defaulted.


STAC does not apply to work and holiday (462) or working holiday (417), even the second or third application.


The STAC does not apply to the new Subclass 408 – Covid-19 Stream Visa

The Australian government has not indicated that there will be any reduction or removal of the STAC fee in response to the COVID-19 outbreak for any of the visas on the list above.

However, the STAC charge is not applicable where the base application fee for your visa is NIL.

The 408 visa in the COVID-19 stream does not have a base application charge and as such the STAC does not apply.



Rebecca is currently in Australia holding a second year 417 working holiday visa, she applied for this visa while she was in Australia. She has met her regional work requirement and is now looking to apply for a third year 417 working holiday visa. A working holiday visa is not one of the specified temporary visas in the above list, Rebecca will not be required the pay the additional $700 STAC.


Matthew is currently in Australia as the holder of a subclass 600 visitor visa, he applied for this visa while he was in Australia. Matthew would now like to apply for a subclass 500 student visa while he is still in Australia. Matthew meets both of the above criteria and will be required to pay the additional $700 STAC.


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