5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Migration Agent to Lodge Your Australian Visa

17 Jan

1: Cuts the confusion and makes the process simple and easy for you.

It takes a huge amount of time, research and patience in order to figure out which Australian visa options best suit your personal needs. You wouldn’t be alone in feeling extremely overwhelmed and confused with the information presently available to you as the Australian Government does nothing to make the process straightforward or transparent.

By far, the easiest way to navigate this path is to engage a registered migration agent as early as possible in the process. Experienced registered migration agents deal with dozens of clients and cases each day and their knowledge of immigration law means they can easily and confidently advise you on a course of action which will give you the strongest chance of attaining an Australian visa. If you choose to enlist the services of a migration agent, they will handle your application from start through to finish including gathering evidence, preparing and lodging your application and liaising with the Department of Home Affairs on your behalf. It means that the process for you goes from being excruciating, to rather manageable.


2. Reduces the stress of lodging your visa yourself and gives you security in knowing your application is the strongest it can be.

One of the most common words we hear from our clients when it comes to their Australian visas is the word ‘stress’. The mental and emotional strain imparted from an uncertain future can be extremely taxing and debilitating for a lot of people. It is something which you need to seriously consider before deciding to lodge an application on your own or engage a migration agent.

A reputable immigration law firm or registered migration agent (it’s important to know, they MUST be registered by MARA), will work extremely hard to alleviate as much of this stress on you as possible. This means they will require more than sufficient evidence from you to secure your application, they will coach you through the process to answer any of your questions, they will keep you up-to-date with any changes and be with you every step of the way. It means you won’t need to worry if your application has been filled out correctly or if you provided sufficient evidence because your experienced migration agent has done it for you.


3. Registered Migration Agents are approved by a government body (OMARA) which ensures that agents act according to the law and provide accurate information to assist clients in securing their Australian visas.

To reiterate the above point, any migration agent you consider using absolutely MUST be registered with OMARA. This governing body is designed to keep tabs on migration agents and keep this entire sector in line. All Registered Migration Agents must go through a series of checks and tests and have a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of Australian migration law in order to be able to help others with their cases. Agents are continually monitored for ‘integrity of conduct and quality of immigration assistance’, and they must abide by a Code of Conduct.

Many ‘migration agents’ acquire clients by promising extremely fast processing times, very cheap fees and not needing a lot of evidence. We encourage you to check your migration agent’s number (known as their MARN) on the MARA website before agreeing to do any business with them. There are a huge number of unregistered ‘migration agents’ who are scamming people and families every day and causing a lot of unnecessary harm. All it takes is 30 seconds to double check and ensure you are getting the right advice for your future.


4. The government regularly makes changes to legislation which can easily effect your application process. Using a migration agent or immigration law firm who keeps up-to-date with these changes means that your application won’t suffer because something has been missed.

Australian immigration law is a complex matter and is constantly evolving and changing. With the issue of immigration being a contentious topic amongst both the public and our political leaders, new laws and amendments are being passed through the government every day which can have a direct effect your visa application. The advantage of using a registered migration agent or immigration law firm is that it is their duty to stay informed of any changes in the law which could directly affect the applications of their clients. Further to that, using a larger firm means that those changes are communicated and discussed and nothing slips through the cracks!


5. Can easily be more cost effective in the long run than lodging the application yourself.

It’s no secret that trying to make Australia home is a costly exercise. Application fees for partner visas have more than doubled in just three years and all across the board, costs have increased significantly. The financial risk of lodging a visa yourself with the possibility of a refusal is now very high and you should carefully weigh up your options, considering that the application fees are non-refundable and should you choose to apply again, your costs will then have doubled.

Making one mistake on your application or one inconsistency can cost you tens of thousands of dollars and a lot of heartache. The implications of a refusal can be vast, from having to fork out thousands more dollars for appeals, to having to leave the country and apply from elsewhere, plus years of uncertainty of where your future will be.

Using an experienced registered migration agent can drastically reduce the chances of this happening, potentially saving you tens of thousands of dollars. Just like buying a car and getting insurance, think of a migration agent as your insurance against any major damages.


If you are still unsure about which path to take, you can Book A Consultation with one of our extremely experienced registered migration agents who will go through your case with you and help you to decide which step to take next!