Fast Track PR on Offer for Tech High Achievers!

24 Apr



Tech Superstar? PhD? High Level Masters? International reputation? See below for exciting news…


Do you have a lot of experience, a PhD or a higher level Masters in one of the following areas?

• Agricultural technology
• Space and advanced manufacturing
• Financial technology
• Energy and mining technology
• Medical technology
• Cybersecurity
• Quantum information
• Advanced digital, data science or ICT


Or do you have significant experience, a PhD or a world-class reputation in another relevant, with the ability to earn at least $148,700 in your field of expertise?


If you do, talk to us!

If you do, contact AHWC Immigration without delay, or make a consultation booking online (it won’t cost you a cent to book a consultation)


Fast track your permanent residence!

You may be able to fast track yourself to Australian permanent residence! (And yes, we are talking permanent residence in a matter of days).


There are concessions too!

With this proposed pathway, you don’t need a skills assessment, your occupation need not be on a DHA occupation list, there is no age limit and you only need “functional” English (eg IELTS 4.5).

Your family can be included too!


What are you waiting for?

This pathway has so many advantages (and no, you don’t need to do a Post Graduate Subclass 485 first)!

Book your consultation now (at no cost)

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