Visa Costs – Talking About Money

09 May


Here at AHWC Immigration Law, we are acutely aware that the price of obtaining your Australian visa is rather high, both emotionally and financially. Annual rising visa costs are a touchy subject for many and we know that financial strain is a huge added stress to this already difficult process. We have decided to try to help with this as best we can.

If money is tight (and let’s face it if you’re lodging just about any type of visa these days, you need to break the piggy bank) – we can now refer you to a reputable finance provider who will assist you with a loan if you meet their criteria.

Currently they offer loans for Partner Visas, various other Permanent Resident visas, and to Subclass 457/482 visa holders applying for permanent residence where the visa holder still has more than one year left on their 457/482 visa.

If you are interested in hearing more about these visa cost options, fill out our form below or book a consultation with one of our migration agents.