Subclass 461 New Zealand Partner Visa Requirements
The minimum requirements of the subclass 461 visa are set out below.


Family Member Status

You must be a non-New Zealand citizen who is:

  • The spouse or de facto partner of a New Zealand citizen OR
  • The dependent child of a New Zealand citizen (or the New Zealand citizen’s spouse or de facto partner), or that person’s own dependent child

NOTE: The ‘dependent child’ must be a child or step-child who has not turned 18 years old OR has turned 18 years old, and is wholly or substantially dependent upon the relevant parent/step-parent for financial support. In addition, the dependent child must not have a fiancé, spouse or de facto partner.


New Zealand Citizen

Your New Zealand citizen family member must be:

  • In Australia as the holder of a subclass 444 Special Category visa OR
  • Outside Australia, and travel with you to Australia, where they will be granted a subclass 444 visa upon entering the country.

NOTE: The New Zealand citizen must NOT be an ‘Eligible New Zealand Citizen’ (ENZC); that is, a person who arrived in Australia on a New Zealand passport; was in Australia on 26 February 2001 (and the 12 months prior to that date); and was assessed as a protected subclass 444 holder prior to 26 February 2004. An ENZC can sponsor family members for an Australian permanent residency visa.



Once you have provided the required information and supporting documents, we will prepare and lodge your visa application with the Department of Home Affairs (the DHA).

The main criterion is that you meet the requirements referred to above. If you are married to or are in a de facto relationship with the New Zealand citizen, you will need to provide evidence that you are in a genuine and continuing relationship. In addition, you must meet the standard health and character checks, and you may need to make adequate arrangements for health insurance during your stay in Australia.

Should your visa application be approved, you will be granted a temporary visa, which will be valid for five years. If you apply for this visa while you are in Australia, you must be in Australia when it is granted. If you apply while you are outside Australia, you must be outside Australia when your visa is granted.

You may apply for further New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship (Temporary) visas if you continue to be the family member of a New Zealand citizen, or in certain limited circumstances, if you are no longer that person’s family member. Please contact us for further details.


PLEASE NOTE: We estimate that it may take several weeks to prepare and lodge your application, with the time taken largely dependent on how promptly you provide us with the necessary supporting information and documents.

The time that it takes the DHA to process your application is dependent upon its processing time service standards, and may also vary due to a number of other factors, including the complexity of your case, perceived risk factors and processing priorities. Please contact us for current information regarding likely processing time frames for this type of application.


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