Subclass 801 Visa Requirements
The minimum requirements of the Subclass 801 visa are set out below. Please note that the 801 visa is the second part of the subclass 820 visa.



Permanent Partner Visa Requirements

You and your spouse or de facto partner must:

  • have remained in a mutually exclusive relationship since lodgement of the initial Partner visa application
  • be in a genuine and continuing relationship

either live together, or live apart only on a temporary basis



Two years after lodging a successful Partner visa application, you will be eligible for permanent residency. The main criterion for the grant of a permanent visa is that your relationship meets the requirements listed above.

At this stage of the application process, you will need to provide evidence of your eligibility for permanent residency to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). The evidence you provide must clearly show that you have continued to be in a genuine and mutually exclusive relationship with your de facto partner or spouse since your provisional Partner visa application was lodged.

You may be either in or outside Australia when your permanent visa is granted.


PLEASE NOTE: We estimate that it may take several weeks to prepare and lodge the relevant evidence and supporting submissions, with the time taken largely dependent on how promptly you (and your sponsor, if applicable) provide us with the necessary supporting documents.

The time that it takes the DHA to process your application is dependent upon its processing time service standards, and may also vary due to a number of other factors, including the complexity of your case, perceived risk factors and processing priorities. Please contact us for current information regarding likely processing time frames for this type of application.


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