Partner Visas – Proving Your Relationship Is Genuine

There are many types of partner visas for you and your migrating partner, take a look at which ones best suit your situation.


It will come as no surprise to you that all partner visa applications require evidence to convince Immigration that your relationship is genuine and continuing, and not a sham arrangement contrived for the purpose of obtaining a visa on false pretenses.


Depending upon which type of partner visa you apply for, you will need either at least 12 months evidence or at least 6 months evidence. For provisional partner visas (Subclass 820 or 309), and adding a partner to a Student Visa, you will require 12 months evidence unless special circumstances apply, and to add a partner to a Temporary Skills Shortage Visa (TSS) or a New Zealand family visa, you will need 6 months evidence.


You’ve probably heard that these days, the Department of Immigration takes a serious and punitive view of false claims and/or bogus documents accompanying visa applications, and it doesn’t hesitate to apply 3-10 year return bans on offending applicants and their immediate family members (even if they are not joint applicants!).


So, what sort of evidence do you need?

The answer is that you need a comprehensive collection of documents including:


  • Personal Statements/statutory declarations from both of you describing the origins and nature of your relationship.
  • Statutory declarations from family and friends confirming the nature of your relationship.
  • Recent photographs
  • Evidence of sharing of finances, such as joint bank accounts.
  • Evidence of sharing household responsibilities, such as bills etc.
  • Confirmation that you are recognised as a couple by your social group.
  • Evidence of living together such as joint leases, mail to the same address etc.
  • Evidence of long-term commitment including, adding each other to your will, combining personal matters such as superannuation benefits, and if called to an interview, demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of your partner.


What if I have a long distance relationship?


Proving a genuine long-distance relationship is difficult, but not impossible. You may not be able to provide co-habitation or co-ownership documents and it’s likely that you won’t have both your names on a bill. You may have evidence of travelling together, flight and hotel bookings, gifts, photographs and communications, eg via social media or regular mobile phone accounts, and even joint bank accounts. Detailed statements from friends and family explaining your unique situation are also always helpful. Make sure that they outline why you aren’t currently living together.


AHWC Immigration Law can help you collect together the required documentation to prove your relationship is genuine and continuing. Our expert migration agents know exactly what the Department of Home Affairs looks for in terms of evidence and will help you work out what you need. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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